Accredited Ethics CPD

CPD Seminar

This accredited seminar is 90 minutes with 15 - 30 minutes of discussion and Q&A.  See more information below. 


CPD Points

Delegate will earn two (2) Ethics CPD/CEU points. 

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HPSCSA / SAMA Accredited

Health professionals registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa / SAMA will receive ethics CPD points for this seminar.  

Book wearable Technology in medicine: Ethics

Easy Ethics CPD is the only provider that places a focus on the ethics of cutting-edge technology in medicine.  New innovations in healthcare present unique ethical questions.  Get prepared for the future of medicine.

Quick FAQ

What does this CPD seminar cover?

Artificial intelligence and machine learning applied to medicine – five key areas 

Introduction to how machine learning algorithms operate

Application in: wearable technologies and other digital devices.  New and exciting developments under categories: 

  • Trackers 
  • Biometric sensors 
  • Invisibles 

Ethical considerations in wearable technologies:

  • Contextualisation
  • Focus on autonomy as a bioethical principle
  • Informed consent vs User Agreements – an analysis 
  • The problem of ‘many hands’ and responsibility 
  • The moral machine game and introduction to ethical theories 
How long is the ethics CPD seminar?

This seminar has been accredited for 90 minutes plus 15 to 30 minutes of discussion and Q & A.   

How many accredited points will delegates receive?

Level 1 CPD / CEU: 2 ethics points 

Accreditation for this seminar has been received by the South African Medical Association (SAMA) for any professional registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).   Easy Ethics CPD SAMA account number: BOO85/1.  The seminar accreditation number will be provided on booking.  

When attending this seminar, health professionals will sign an attendance registration to prove attendance.  After attending, (s)he will receive a certificate with their HPCSA number and the accreditation number of this seminar. 

Who is the facilitator?

Candice De Carvalho


  • Master of Science (MSc), (Med) Human Genetics (WITS), 2008
  • Master of Science (MSc), (Med) Bioethics and Health Law (WITS), 2011

Presenting at PSSA


As the founder of Easy Ethics CPD, Candice focuses on the ethics of cutting-edge technologies in medicine.

Candice has experience in delivering CPD ethics talks at conferences and her greatest passion is to re-invigorate the healthcare industry with relevant and engaging ethics content that will both educate and inspire.

Before focussing on ethics, Candice co-founded a digital marketing agency and is interested in new technologies that both improve medical outcomes as well as medical communications.

Candice was selected for the first cohort of FUTURE FEMALES in 2018, beating out over 450 other applicants globally with her new business concept — which is the online CPD platform, Easy Ethics CPD.

Candice holds two Masters Degrees, and Her Masters research in human genetics studied novel genetic mutations in black and coloured South African cystic fibrosis patients and her Masters in applied bioethics reflected on the question: ‘who owns your genetic material?’.

In her spare time Candice can be found propagating succulents and is always in search of a new rare succulent species to add to her collection!


If you would like to get in touch with Candice directly, call her on +27 (0) 824025774 or simply email her on candice@easyethicscpd.com

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