Where medical technology is developing faster than ever, it is the ethics around these advances that is the focus of these courses

The vehicle of ethics CPD learning is perfectly positioned for professionals in practice who are interested in how their work-life, patient interaction and personal expectations for the future may appear.  

These learning modules are targeted to those who have a general interest in Artificial Intelligence in medicine and who wish to thoughtfully engage in the learning material. 

The aim of the content is two-fold.  To reveal novel advances in AI and technology, and then to impart a sense of genuine competence around applying philosophical logics and theory to these advances.  

Just a few questions and topics raised in the ethics CPD courses for medical professionals include: 

  • Artificial intelligence and its application in the medical industry 
  • App user agreements contrasted against doctor informed consent 
  • How companies, which are normally not associated with medicine, are making moves into the medical field  e.g: Amazon, Apple, Google etc. 
  • Self-service screening using mobile technology and internet services to achieve healthcare access
  • The new ‘digital phenotype’ – using technology to self-monitor, track and create the new overview of the phenotype in the digital environment
  • Doctor on-demand services using the internet, tele-medicine, Whatsapp and social media
  • Chat bots in medicine and trends regarding human-bot interactions in medicine 
  • Buying medical services using crypto-currency, 
  • Storing medical information on the block-chain
  • The block chain and medical ethics
  • Privacy, confidentiality and ownership of data
Each of these medical ethics CPD courses, which have been accredited for members of HPCSA and SAMA, presents both new medical technologies as well as ethical theories and principles.  Additionally, the application of the ethics is presented against the technologies.  This is the basic form of the courses
There is a reading-activity course, which is valued at 2 Ethics CPD/CEU that presents the basic fundaments of the ethics principles and this course is presented with an audio clip, per lesson.  Although this course covers the very basics of bioethics theories, it is recommended that the user begin with this course.  Thereby, a levelled foundation is laid for each visitor wishing to advance to the courses focussed on technology advances in medicine.  

Accredited Ethics CPD Courses

2 Ethics CPD / CEU

Thank you Candice. This has really added value to my CPD from and ethical point of view.”

2 Ethics CPD / CEU

Thank you for a most interesting presentation”

Medical Ethics CPD Courses Online Reading

Principles of Bioethics

2 Ethics CPD / CEU

Thank you So So Much! Keep up your good work!”

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About the Facilitator

Founder & Director of Medical Ethics CPD

Candice de Carvalho

MSc (Med) Human Genetics (University of Witwatersrand, 2008)

MSc (Med) Bioethics & Health Law (University of Witwatersrand, 2011)

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