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Digital Medicine: New applications & ethical perspectives

  1.  Overview of digital medicine
    • How companies, which are normally not associated with medicine, are making moves into the medical field and how they are doing so.  e.g: Amazon, Apple, Google etc.
    • Self-service screening using mobile technology and internet services to achieve healthcare access
    • The new ‘digital phenotype’ – using technology to self-monitor, track and create the new overview of the phenotype in the digital environment
    • Doctor on-demand services using the internet, tele-medicine, Whatsapp and social media
    • Chat bots in medicine
  • Buying medical services using crypto-currency, storing medical information on the block-chain (a short introduction to block chain)

2.  Understanding the importance of data capture and storage in digital medicine

3.  Ethical considerations in digital medicine

    • Privacy and confidentiality
    • Ownership of data
  • Distribution and accessibility
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